EVO Mash Up
The latest app to lose the "beta" moniker is the Opera Mini browser for Android.  For all of you Opera fans out there, this should be a welcome sign.  I am personally a DolphinHD user, but there are some nice features in Opera, such as the "Speed Dial" type home screen and single-tap to zoom.  In addition, the oft requested tab support is now there, though implemented more like the "windows" option in the stock browser.  Early reports are that Opera 5.1 is extremely fast, which I think Dolphin could use some improvement on.  Of course I'm sure a lot of that speed comes from the back-end servers that are compressing and reformatting pages on the fly.  That feature, however, has led to a few reports that I've read of some sites/pages not rendering quite right.  Such is the case with most mobile browsers though.
After playing around with Opera for a little while this morning, I will probably continue to stick with my preferred DolphinHD, but Opera does provide for a decent alternative to the stock browser.

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