EVO Mash Up
The great people over at Lifehacker.com have posted an excellent tutorial for installing the free Android SDK from Google on your PC.  Why would you want to do this?  Well, if you're a geeky person such as me, you might do it just because you can.  Alternately, if you are interested in maybe writing your own app, and don't have access to the App Inventor site yet, you would need the SDK as a starting point.  Another possibility is to try out an application on it that you aren't sure you want to install on your phone.  A note about this option though, the SDK does not include the Market app in it, so to install an app, you will need to find a way to download the actual APK file.

Regardless of why you may want to, the tutorial provided by Lifehacker is excellent, and includes nice screen shots.  Give it a whirl if you're daring!

Click here to see jump over to the article.

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