EVO Mash Up
Vlingo is speech recognition app that's been around for a little while on a few other mobile phone platforms.  Today it became available for Android.  It offers a number of cool features, such as the SuperDialer which uses your GPS location to find local business based on what you request.  For example, you might say "pizza" and it will return a list of local pizza joints from which you can choose and dial.  It also provides the ability to create emails and SMS text messages via speech recognition.  For those of you that are texting addicts, I strongly encourage you to use this feature, especially if your doing it while behind the wheel and live anywhere within a 100 mile radius of my house.  The app also includes a feature called Vlingo Everywhere which essentially allows you to dictate in to the phone to enter information in to any text box on your Evo 4g.
All in all, it seems like a pretty cool app.  It will set you back $10, but really, if you live near me, and you text and drive, it's worth it.

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