EVO Mash Up
Music syncing service mSpot is now offering the ability to stream movies to your Android device.  Seems like a pretty good idea, since I'm not aware of any such capability from Netflix at the time.  However, in a quick glance at some of the comments over at AppBrain, it looks like users are not completely thrilled with the service.  One commenter stated that the app won't work over WiFi, which seems kind of odd because the iOS version of the app reportedly works fine via wireless.  

The service claims that movies are as low as $2.99 to rent, but it seems that most are in the $4 range.  They also have a Movie Club option which allows you to rent up to four movies for $9.99, but they also state that not all movies are available for this option.

I suspect the quality is probably mediocre if you really are limited to 3G.  No real reports from those with 4G service yet.  If, however, the app works over WiFi, and your stuck somewhere that has a hot spot and some time on your hands, this might be a worthy choice for some entertainment.

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