EVO Mash Up
There's a new keyboard app on the market today, SwiftKey, and judging by the flair on their website, it looks to be a pretty cool little app.  The main draw of SwiftKey appears to be it's prediction engine for determining what you're going to type next.  According to their website, SwiftKey learns as you type, and can also learn from messages you've previously sent.  Having used the stock Evo keyboard, and not having found good replacement for it, I have been less than impressed with the built in suggestion engine that it comes with.
I will be downloading SwiftKey today and taking it for a spin around the block.  I'll post a review of it later on.  In the mean time, you can grab your own copy using the QR code below.  Unfortunately, as of this morning, a search for SkiftKey on Appbrain returned no results.  Hopefully they will have it added to their database later on.

Update: AppBrain now has it in their database.  Linky stuff added below.

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