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No Lock - Get rid of the lock screen, No more fumbling for the power button


One of the things I find a little aggravating on the EVO is that the power button on the top of the phone is sort of difficult to press without looking, especially for those of us with fat fingers.  That being said, No Lock is a free app that helps resolve that problem in a somewhat round-about way. 
The main function of No Lock is to get rid of the unlock screen, which it does admirably.  You're even given a nice little widget for your home screen to make enabling and disabling the lock screen easy.  When the lock screen is disabled, the screen will still turn off automatically according to the length of time you have configured in the phone settings.  To turn the screen back on (and this is the part I like), you can press either of the volume buttons on the side of the phone, which are much easier to get to.  In addition, you won't have to "slide" to unlock the phone.
With the screen off, I tried to mash on the phone in a bunch of different ways to see if I could simulate a "butt dial".  Of course you know what butt dial is:  When something in your pocket pushes a button on your phone causing it to speed dial your best friend, consequently leaving them a 4 minute voice mail of your horrible singing in the car when you think no one is listening.  Fortunately, I was not able to reproduce a situation where the phone would inadvertently dial a contact.  I'm not going to go so far as to say it can't happen, but it sure seemed difficult to reproduce.
Suffice to say that when the lock screen is enabled, the phone operates just like you're used to.
I guess the only thing I could gripe about with it is the fruity-phone looking icon they used, but I guess I'll let that pass.

Final Analysis: No Lock is a well done lightweight app that does exactly what it claims to.  If having to slide to unlock your phone drives you nuttier than squirrel poop, or if you're just tired of trying to press the ridiculously small power button, this is a great, free app to try out.

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